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1 - TITRE : Celebrity Chefs. Food entertainment history. From the first great chefs to television
GOSALBO (Laura) & Henri-Pierre MILLESCAMPS)
Publié à :
Barcelone, Gastronomia Activa, 2009;
Commentaire :
Limited edition 1000 numerous copies. This book is extremely useful because it shows how star chefs in the past where real cooks, owning or running restaurants or working for wealthy patrons with important households. Today, celebrity chefs run millions of kitchens over which they preside through television entertainment, and have no time for a restaurant. The main focus of the book is to show that celebrity chefs are actually remarkable human beings who can blend into most families easly, happily and peaceful. Their drive and energy fuel their food.. In many instances, they have become role models for the young and inspire positive behaviour. In the future, they may be a key to improving a sustainable, healthy world.. We all need the celebrity chefs." (Edouard Cointreau). Texte anglais. Poids 3,000 Kg. ISBN: 978-1-56592-479-6
Format :
in-4 (25 x 25 cm.).455 pp., abondante iconographie, reliure éditeur, jaquette
Prix :
Disponible - Librairie MILLESCAMPS


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