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Livres sur 'Jardins'
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1 - TITRE : The Neat House Gardens. Early Market Gardening around London
THICK (Malcolm)
Publié à :
Totnes, Prospect Books, 1998;
Commentaire :
Malcolm Thick is well versed in gardening history, particularly relating to vegetables. He has written for the Cambridge History of Agriculture as well as many important articles on the subject. The book is illustrated with many contemporary maps and views.. Market gardening is the Cinderella of garden history, yet was an important source of food for many in England and deserves greater study. This book gives an outline of market gardening around London before 1800, and considers the role of commercial vegetable production in stimulating kitchen gardening generally, and its influence on the wider agricultural scene. As focus to its theme, it narrates the story of one small area of early market gardening, the Neat House Gardens in Westminster; drawing on MSS from the Grosvenor estate for new and arresting information
Format :
in-8.175 pp., illustrations, broché
Prix :
Disponible - Librairie MILLESCAMPS


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